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Importation Guide In Nigeria

How To Start Mini Importation Business Importation is simply a good or service brought into a country from another country and offer for sale. But thank God for improved technology and eye opener, anybody can venture into online importation business with little capital and cut their own share of the multi-billion-dollar industry. Here we would be Teaching You all How To Import Goods From China China is gradually becoming a World power in terms of Production. Virtually everything these days you can think of is made in China, even the so called American dream is made in China look at Big American Companies. Let's start with Apple Inc. If you buy an Apple iPad for example you would see where it's written designed in California they won't tell you made in California. Even Hewlett Packard(Hp) Laptops. Most of these products are made in China, however under strict supervision of the parent company Why is this so?? This is because of the Cheap Labour force and